Friday, September 21, 2012

Some lovely links - 25

- I bought this vintage 1950's bow tie online this morning, eek! it's so cute! It's for Dex to wear to my bro-in-laws wedding early next year (when Dex will be a big boy of one - be still my heart!). from Hart and Sew

- awww, old fashioned telegram service, so cute! from telegram stop, via House that Lars Built

- man I love the colour and style of this dining room, you should check out the rest of the house. from my scandinavian home

- what a cool free printable, Evie would love it! from mr printables, via Charlotte's Fancy

- why French kids don't get fat

- awesome archery themed kid's party (man, is Lier creative and talented!)

- interesting blog post on homemade, natural beauty products

- oh man I love Tom and Lorenzo

- is it weird that all I can think about is eating this butter?

(an aside - I said 'oh man' three times in this post, I think sickness and sleep depravity is limiting my vocabulary!)

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