Monday, September 17, 2012

Dexter is seven months

I know right, time is just flying! This little chubba is going great guns, he's got two teeth now and is crawling! (technically commando crawling, but he is working out how to get into trouble!). It was really hard to get both kids to sit still, so these are the best pics I could get!

ha, cuties!

Not sure if you remember hearing about our awful family holiday, but would you believe that we've been continually sick since then with colds, coughs and sore ears. As I write this Dex is napping with a snotty nose and Evie is lying on the lounge with an ear infection. Boo! We are looking forward to spring and getting out into the world again - we need a break!!


  1. Can't believe you guys are still unwell. Just love all your photos. Love them having a cuddle. Dexter 7 months old my goodness he is growing up to be a big boy!

    1. I know Jane! Evie is missing your boys, when we're better I'll call you for a playdate!

  2. I love love love that second photo of the two of them.


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