Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sewing projects completed!

Since Dexter's birth I feel like I'm constantly playing catch-up. A load of washing a day only just keeps me on top, I feel like I only have time for quick tidy-ups & basic cleaning (the house looks like a bomb hit it!). When I look back over these photos I can see some things that have been achieved in the last 3 months!

In February I finished a couple of pairs of shorts for Evie. I used this pattern from Oliver & S to make these adorable bloomer shorts. I used fabric left-over from other projects, so they were free too!

With Evie starting kindy we had to whip up a couple of projects for her too. I let Evie choose the material from my stash and together we sewed this library bag. She was great company while I made it, and helped with the pins & sewing (sitting on my lap!).

We also made this cushion cover together for 'nap time' at kindy. The pink fabric is a Japanese cotton with little deer that I've been saving for Evie & this is the perfect project.

As it gets colder at night Evie has been wearing last years pyjamas, but they're getting a bit short on the torso & legs. I've now whipped up a couple of pairs using materials from my stash, and the pattern my mum used when I was little! Evie wasn't in much of a modelling mood, but here's the pink stripey pair I made:

I recently bought another digital pattern, this Flashback Skinny Tee from Made by Rae, I can highly recommend it. This is the first t-shirt I've made from it (size 4 pyjama top) but it fits lovely! I used material from my stash (again, you'd better believe I've got alot!) and ribbing from my mum's collection. I've got another cut out to make & can't wait to make short sleeves for summer & some size ones for Dex!

Once again not in a modelling mood, this is the best I could get. Don't ask me why she has a party hat & a beanie!


  1. You inspire me lovely do you have time to do this?! i LOVE the shorts.

    1. how do I have time? all these projects were completed very slowly in 10 minute blocks!! If I get my act together I'd love to make a pair of these cute shorts for Nora for Summer!

  2. OOH super great tee!!

    Thanks for sending it over, Laura!!


    1. thanks Rae! I'm addicted now, I've already made one more!


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