Thursday, September 22, 2011

Some things I've made lately

What a self-explanatory title!

- this is Ruffulus Tuffulus (named by Evie, spelling unknown!) In an effort to keep Evie in bed at night we've been sending her off with a heated wheat bag this winter, works great! I thought it was about time she had her own & came up with this one (which I'm quite proud of). It was practically free, the corduroy I already had at home, and it is filled with dried lavender & wheat kernels (some of my dad's chook food!)

(ha! don't know if you picked up on the vibe that Evie didn't feel like posing!)

- In the process of cleaning out my sewing room I found half a t-shirt (cut up for another project) and the bottom of my sisters dress that she shortened (already hemmed). I sewed them together & tada, a new dress! Evie wasn't convinced at first because it's not pink, but some twirling sorted that out. It is now her 'most beautiful, beautiful twirling dress'! can't ask for a better description!

(once again the only pic I could snap, not in a photo mood!)

- I've been sewing this one for over 6 months, I popped it away when I got stuck on something & didn't pick it up for a while. Anyway, it is now finished! (and needs some adjusting because she's grown so much!) It's a short overall/playsuit pattern from the 60's & is so adorable.

- I also sewed myself a pair of knickers, but I'll save you from the visuals on that (definitely not sexy!) But the material & elastic were free (from my mum's stash) so I love them! (comfiest ever!)

What have you been creating??


  1. Love Ruffulus Tuffulus!! I'm working on a quilt!!!

  2. a quilt, that's very ambitious! you'll have to keep me posted!


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